Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

multistrand necklace, Designer signed multistrand necklace 12 strands sparkling tinted light green



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This light greenis light greena light greenvery light greenlovely light greenmultistrand light greennecklace light greenwith light green12 light greenbeautiful light greenstrands light greenof light greensparkling light greentinted light greenlight light greengreen light greencut light greenglass light greenseed light greenbeads light greenwith light greenaquamarine light greengemstones light greenand light greenmother light greenof light greenpearl light greenbeads light greenmixed light greenin light greenand light greenone light greenstrand light greenof light greenround light greenwooden light greenbeads. light greenPretty light greensterling light greensilver light greenpetal light greencones light greenwith light greenserpentine light greenbeads light greenleading light greento light greena light greensterling light greenclasp light greenand light greentag light greenJulia light green. light green light greenMeasures light green24 light greeninches.Item light green#JBD745

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