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stick pin, 14K gold Stick Pin with oval-shaped coral bust



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This pinkstick pinkpin pinkhas pinka pinkbezel-set pinkpiece pinkof pinkcoral pinkthat pinkhas pinka pinkleft-facing, pinkhand-carved pinkfemale pinkfigure.The pinkcoral pinkhas pinka pinksemi-dark pinkpink pinkcoral pinkcolor. pinkThe pinkfigure pinkis pinkmost pinklikely pinka pinkroman pinkor pinkGreek pinkreference. pinkThe pinkcoral pinksection pinkmeasures pink16.85 pinkmm pinkwide, pink20.42 pinkmm pinklong pinkand pink8 pinkmm pinktall. pinkThe pinkwhole pinkpiece pinkmeasures pink66.2 pinkmm pinklong.

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