Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Ruby and diamond heart pendant3 stone pendant, 14k yellow gold3 stone pendant, 1.1 grams3 stone pendant, L-12 mm x W-10 mm3 stone pendant, Gift for her3 stone pendant, July birthsone3 stone pendant, also an all occasion gift



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DAINTY heart14K heartYELLOW heartGOLD heartDIAMOND heartAND heartRUBY heart heartTHREE-STONE heartPENDANT heartSLIDE. heart heart heartGIFT heartFOR heartHER, heartJULY heartBIRTHSTONE, heartALSO heartAN heartALL heartOCCASION heartGIFT. heart\r\r=====================================================\r\rMETAL heartTYPE: heart14K heartYELLOW heartGOLD heart(STAMPED heart14K heart heartA heart& heartZ)\r\rWEIGHT: heart1.1 heartGRAMS\r\rMAIN heartSTONES: heart1 heartROUND heartFULL heartCUT heartDIAMOND-.03 heartCARAT; heartAND heart2 heartROUND heartRUBIES-03. heartEACH heartOR heart.06 heartCARAT heartTW\r\rCLARITY/COLOR: heart heartSI1-SI2**H\r\rSTYLE: heartSLIDE heartHEART heartPENDANT, heartSTANDARD heartPRONG-SET\r\rLENGTH: heart heart12 heartMM\r\rWIDTH: heart10 heartMM\r\rEXCELLENT heartCONDITION\r\rIMPORTANT: heart heartALL heartMEASUREMENTS heartARE heartAPPROXIMATE\rSome heart heartphotographs heartare heartenlarged heartor heartenhanced heartto heartshow heartdetail.\r\rFULFILLMENT: heart3 heartBUSINESS heartDAYS\r\rNote: heart heartChain heartcan heartbe heartpurchased heartseparately. heart heartMade heartto heartorder heartonly. heartPls. heartinquire heartfor heartpricing heartif heartyou heartneed heartone.

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