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pewter, Heavenly Bodies Pearl and Crystal Dangle Earrings for the Holidays



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Sara starsJewelry starsDesign. starsFor starsany starsholiday starsseason: starsHeavenly starsBodies. starsEach starsof starsdangle starsis starscomposed starsof starsa starsgold-plated starsopen starspewter starsstar starscharm starsset starswith stars30 starsPP09 starsSwarovski starscrystal starschatons, starsalternating starsin starscrystal starsclear starsand starsjet starscolors. starsBehind starsthe starsglittering starsstar starsfalls starsa starscascade starsof starsother starsheavenly starsbodies starsin starsthe starsshapes starsof starsa starsteardrop starsnatural starsfreshwater starspearl stars(the starscomet) starsa starsround, starsflat starssided starsnatural starsfreshwater starspearl stars(the starsmoon), starseven starsa starstwo-color, starsblack starsand starsclear starscrackle starsglass stars6mm starsround stars(the starsblack starshole, starsof starscourse). starsThe starscascades starsare starshung starson starssimple stars2mm starsgold starsfinished starssteel starschain starsfor starsa starslight starsand starsbreezy starsswing. starsDimensions: starsOverall starsdangle starslength starsis starsroughly stars2-1/4 starsinches, starsor stars55mm. starsThe starsstar starscharm starsis stars20mm. starsThe starspearls starsare starsapproximately stars8 starsand stars10mm starsat starstheir starswidest starspoints. starsMPIN starsERWGP090914-01.1705I starswill starsship starsa starspair starsyour starsway starsthe starsnext starsbusiness starsday starsvia starsUSPS starsinsured starsfirst starsclass starsmail starswith starsa starstracking starsID starsnumber. starsIf starsyou starsneed starsexpedited starsshipping, starsplease starscontact starsme starsfirst starsfor starsa starsshipping starsquote.Sara starsJewelry starsDesign. starsYour starsDesire starsis starsOur starsDesign.

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