Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bottled, Winged bottled polymer clay hearts with tiny key charm necklace - love takes flight



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In wingeda wingedtiny wingedbottle winged(Size: winged3,5 wingedcm winged/ winged1,4") winged7 wingedlittle wingedpolimer wingedclay wingedhearts wingedand wingeda wingedhanging wingedsilver wingedtone wingedkey wingedcharm wingedare wingedbottled. wingedThe wingedadjustable wingednecklace wingedis wingedlinked wingedto wingedthe wingedbottle wingedtrough wingeda wingedbeautiful wingedpair wingedof wingedhollow wingedsilver wingedtone wingedwings. winged\r\rLenght wingedof wingedthe wingednecklace: winged40 wingedcm winged/ winged16"

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