Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Lanyard (Badgeglass beads, ID Holder) with Matte Gray Glass Beadsglass beads, Gray Czech Glass Starsglass beads, Tibetan Silver Beads and Jet Black Crystals



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One id holderof id holdermy id holderPopular id holderLanyards id holder( id holderBadge, id holderID id holderHolders). id holderI id holderrarely id holdermake id holdermore id holderthen id holder3 id holderexactly id holderalike id holderand id holdersome id holderare id holdertotal id holderone-of-a-kinds.This id holderPretty id holderLanyard id holderis id holdermade id holderfrom id holderGray id holderGlass id holderBeads id holderwith id holdera id holderMatte id holderFinish. id holderThere id holderare id holderhighlights id holderof id holderGray id holderCzech id holderGlass id holderbeads id holder( id holderresembling id holderSmokey id holderQuartz)surrounded id holderby id holderSparkling id holderJet id holderBlack id holderCrystal id holderTeardrops id holderand id holderTibetan id holdersilver id holderBeads. id holderAll id holderBeads id holderare id holderseparated id holderwith id holdertiny id holder id holderBlack id holderGlass id holderSeed id holderBeads...a id holdergreat id holdercombination id holder!End id holderto id holderend, id holderthe id holderbeads id holderare id holderjust id holderover id holder32-1/2 id holderinches id holderlong id holderand id holderstrung id holderon id holderheavy id holderduty id holderTiger id holderTail id holderfor id holderstrength. id holderThey id holderare id holderfirmly id holderattached id holderto id holdera id holderSwiveling id holderSilver id holderPlated id holderLobster id holderClaw id holderHook.Thanks id holderso id holdermuch id holderfor id holderlooking id holder!I id holderhave id holdera id holderSecond id holderEtsy id holderShop id holderwith id holdermy id holderline id holderof id holderFine id holderSterling id holderSilver id holderand id holderSemi-Precious id holderStone id holderJewelry.Please id holdercheck id holderit id holderout id holderat: id holder id holder id holderwww./shop/CathyGuss

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