Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

GLITTERED MATCHING SET with redred jewelry, gold and green bouquet brooch and a pair of gold earrings designed by Rétro Chériered jewelry, signed jewelry



In stock



www./fr/shop/RetroCherieCr\u00e9ation red jewelryoriginale red jewelryet red jewelrysign\u00e9e red jewelryenti\u00e8rement red jewelryr\u00e9alis\u00e9e red jewelry\u00e0 red jewelryla red jewelrymain red jewelry red jewelry\u00e0 red jewelrypartir red jewelryde red jewelrymes red jewelrydessins.Back red jewelryin red jewelrystock red jewelrythe red jewelryExquisite red jewelry"bouquet" red jewelrybrooch red jewelrywith red jewelrysparkly red jewelry red jewelryearrings! red jewelryThe red jewelryperfect red jewelryaccessories red jewelryfor red jewelryyour red jewelryvintage red jewelrycocktail red jewelrydress red jewelryor red jewelryfor red jewelryyour red jewelrylurex red jewelryoutfit.\u2728\u2728\u2728\u2728\u2728\u2728\u2728\u2728\u2728Earrings red jewelrysize: red jewelry3.5 red jewelrycm red jewelryBrooch red jewelrysize red jewelry9 red jewelrycmR\u00e9tro red jewelryCh\u00e9rie red jewelry\u00ae red jewelry\u00a9 red jewelry2013All red jewelryrights red jewelryreservedOur red jewelryjewelry red jewelryare red jewelrymade red jewelrywith red jewelryhigh red jewelryquality red jewelryresin red jewelrymade red jewelryin red jewelryFrance.\ud83c\uddeb\ud83c\uddf7Thank red jewelryyou!!! red jewelryTheresa!!! red jewelryfor red jewelrythe red jewelrygreat red jewelryphotography! red jewelry\u2764\ufe0f\ud83d\udc8b\u2764\ufe0f\u2764\ufe0f\u2764\ufe0f red jewelry(Picture red jewelrycourtesy red jewelryof red jewelrymy red jewelryadorable red jewelrycustomer!)Each red jewelryJewel red jewelryis red jewelrycarrfuly red jewelryhandcrafted red jewelry(handcarved, red jewelrymold, red jewelrysand red jewelryetc\u2026) red jewelryand red jewelryfor red jewelrythat red jewelryreason red jewelrythere red jewelryare red jewelryno red jewelryidentical red jewelrypieces red jewelryin red jewelrymy red jewelryshop red jewelryeven red jewelryif red jewelrythe red jewelrycolors red jewelryare red jewelrythe red jewelrysame. red jewelryThere red jewelrycan red jewelrybe red jewelrya red jewelryslight red jewelryvariations red jewelryof red jewelrysizes red jewelryor red jewelrycolors red jewelrybut red jewelryin red jewelryfact red jewelryit red jewelryadds red jewelrya red jewelrylittle red jewelryextra red jewelrysoul red jewelryto red jewelrymy red jewelryproduction red jewelryand red jewelryI red jewelrylike red jewelryit.

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