Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

carved carnelian, Natural carved carnelian pendant necklace



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Beautiful carved carnelianheavy carved carneliannatural carved carneliancarved carved carneliancarnelian carved carnelianpendant carved carnelian2" carved carnelianby carved carnelian1/2" carved carnelianthick carved carnelianwith carved carneliannatural carved carnelianwood carved carnelianbeads, carved carnelianorange carved carnelianmoonstone, carved carneliancarnelian carved carnelianand carved carnelianfreshwater carved carnelianpearls, carved carneliangold carved carnelianplated carved carnelianbeads carved carnelianand carved carnelianfindings, carved carneliansigned carved carnelianJulia carved carnelian.Item carved carnelian#JBD284

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