Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

handstamped, Angel Wings - charm with handstamped initial on a heart shaped charm - long chain



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Angel heartWings heart- heart heartcharm heartwith hearthandstamped heartinitial hearton hearta heartheart heartshaped heartcharm heart- heartlong heartchain\r\rMade heartin heartItaly heartwith heartlove, heartshipped heartin hearta heartnice heartgift heart heartbag\r\rAre heartyou heartready heartto heartwear heartthe heartlucky heartcharm hearton heartyour heartneck? heart\rTell heartme heartin heartthe heartnote heartwhich heartinitial heartyou heartneed!\r\rIf heartyou heartneed heartany heartcustomization, heartplease heartwrite heartme, heartI heartanswer heartin heartmaximum heart12 hearthours

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