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925, Vintage Arezzo Gori & Zucci Sterling Silver Banana Bunch Charm 14 - 85



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Vintage 925Arezzo 925Gori 925& 925Zucci 925Sterling 925Silver 925Banana 925Bunch 925Charm. 925Made 925in 925Italy. 925It 925still 925has 925it's 925original 925tag 925attached. 925Marked 925' 925925.' 925Measures 925app. 9251 9251/4" 925tall. 925Good 925condition.ALL 925MY 925JEWELRY 925AND 925OTHER 925ITEMS 925LOOKS 925BETTER 925IN 925PERSON 925THAN 925MY 925PHOTOGRAPHS 925SHOW 925THEM.I 925SELL 925MY 925VINTAGE 925ITEMS 925TO 925HELP 925PAY 925THE 925FEED 925AND 925VETERINARY 925BILLS 925ON 925MY 925RESCUE 925ANIMALS 925HERE 925AT 925HARDLY 925ABLE 925STABLE. 925I 925CURRENTLY 925HAVE 925THREE 925OLD 925HORSES, 925TWO 925MINIATURE 925HORSES, 925TWO 925COWS 925AND 925SEVEN 925DOGS.IF 925YOU 925WANT 925TO 925MAKE 925A 925CASH 925DONATION 925IT 925CAN 925BE 925SENT 925THROUGH 925PAYPAY 925USING 925MY 925EMAIL 925ADDRESS 925---- 925hardly_able_stable 925[!at] 925---I 925ALSO 925SELL 925ON 925EBAY. 925MY 925SELLER 925NAME 925IS 925THUNDERROWDY. 925YOU 925CAN 925SEE 925A 925SLIDE 925SHOW 925AND 925VIDEOS 925OF 925THE 925CURRENT 925AND 925PAST 925ANIMALS 925ON 925MY 925AUCTION 925PAGES. 925THERE 925ARE 925ALSO 925PICTURES 925ON 925MY 925\u201cME\u201d 925PAGE.

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