Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cross, Sterling silver Sun Cross / Solar Cross (polished)



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This pendantlisting pendantis pendantfor pendantone pendantpolished pendantSun pendantCross pendantpendant. pendantRecesses pendantare pendantantiqued pendantwith pendanthigh pendantpolish pendantfinish.Measures:27mm pendanttall pendantx pendant20mm pendantwide. pendantChain pendantnot pendantincluded. pendantChains pendantare pendantavailable pendantfor pendantan pendantadditional pendant$30.Length pendantoptions: pendant18", pendant20", pendant24"Orders pendantship pendantwithin pendant7 pendantbusiness pendantdays.You pendantwill pendantreceive pendantan pendantemail pendantwith pendantyour pendantUSPS pendantTracking pendantor pendantCustoms pendantnumber pendantwhen pendantyour pendantpackage pendantships.

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