Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Large Vintage 1960's Pinblue crystal, Dazzling BLUE Rhinestones and AURORA Borealisblue crystal, STATEMENT Piece Brooch



In stock



On costume jewelrythe costume jewelrylarge costume jewelryside costume jewelrymeasuring costume jewelryabout costume jewelry3 costume jewelry3/4" costume jewelrylong costume jewelryx costume jewelryjust costume jewelryunder costume jewelry2" costume jewelrywide, costume jewelrythis costume jewelryheavy costume jewelryvintage costume jewelryrhinestone costume jewelrybrooch costume jewelryis costume jewelrya costume jewelryreal costume jewelrybeauty! costume jewelryMade costume jewelryin costume jewelrythe costume jewelry1960's, costume jewelryit costume jewelryboasts costume jewelrygorgeous costume jewelryblue costume jewelryrhinestones costume jewelryin costume jewelry3 costume jewelryshades costume jewelry(smokey costume jewelryblue, costume jewelryroyal costume jewelryand costume jewelryaqua) costume jewelryand costume jewelryblue costume jewelryhued costume jewelryAurora costume jewelryBorealis costume jewelrycrystal costume jewelrystones costume jewelrythat costume jewelryare costume jewelryall costume jewelrybeautifully costume jewelryprong costume jewelryset costume jewelryin costume jewelrysilvertone costume jewelrymetal. costume jewelryA costume jewelrywonderful costume jewelrypin costume jewelrythat costume jewelrycan costume jewelrybe costume jewelryworn costume jewelryon costume jewelrya costume jewelrycoat costume jewelrylapel costume jewelryor costume jewelrythe costume jewelrycenter costume jewelryof costume jewelrya costume jewelrydaring costume jewelryneckline. costume jewelryWould costume jewelrymake costume jewelrya costume jewelrygreat costume jewelrynecklace costume jewelryif costume jewelryattached costume jewelryonto costume jewelrya costume jewelryvintage costume jewelryrhinestone costume jewelrynecklace! costume jewelryThis costume jewelrypiece costume jewelryin costume jewelryin costume jewelrygood costume jewelryshape. costume jewelryUpon costume jewelry10X costume jewelrymagnification costume jewelryinspection, costume jewelryI costume jewelryfound costume jewelry2 costume jewelrystone costume jewelrypoints costume jewelrythat costume jewelryare costume jewelrychipped. costume jewelryIf costume jewelryyou costume jewelryzoom costume jewelryon costume jewelrythe costume jewelryfirst costume jewelrypic, costume jewelryyou costume jewelrywill costume jewelrysee costume jewelrythe costume jewelrytop costume jewelrypoint costume jewelryof costume jewelrythe costume jewelrysmokey costume jewelryblue costume jewelryteardrop costume jewelrystone costume jewelryon costume jewelrythe costume jewelryleft costume jewelrythat costume jewelryhas costume jewelrya costume jewelrychip. costume jewelryThe costume jewelryother costume jewelryone costume jewelryis costume jewelrythe costume jewelrybottom costume jewelryroyal costume jewelryblue costume jewelrymarquise costume jewelrystone costume jewelryat costume jewelrythe costume jewelryleft costume jewelrypoint, costume jewelrystill costume jewelrythe costume jewelrydisplay costume jewelryis costume jewelryfabulous! costume jewelryThe costume jewelryclasp costume jewelryworks costume jewelrygreat. costume jewelryCondition costume jewelrywas costume jewelryfactored costume jewelryin costume jewelrywhen costume jewelrypricing. costume jewelryI costume jewelryhad costume jewelrythis costume jewelryfor costume jewelry$75 costume jewelryin costume jewelrymy costume jewelryshop costume jewelrybefore costume jewelryI costume jewelrynoticed costume jewelrythe costume jewelrychips.

1 shop reviews 5 out of 5 stars