Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

link, 20 inch .925 sterling silver lightweight link chain necklace Perfect for my pendants 1.2mm link dainty delicate



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This silver.925 silversterling silversilver silverlink silverchain silverwith silverlobster silverclasp silverand silver.925 silverstamped silverlinked silvertag. silverThis silverlisting silveris silverfor silverone silver20" silverchain. silver silverThese silvergo silvergreat silverwith silvermy silverpendants silveror silverany silverpendant silveryou silvermay silverwant silverto silverwear! silverPretty silverand silversimple silvernecklace silverfor silvereveryday!Need silvermore silverthan silverone, silverjust silverchange silverthe silverquantity silverin silverthe silverlisting silverto silverhowever silvermany silveryou silverneed! silver16", silver18", silver20", silver22", silver24" silver& silver30" silveravailable silverseparately!Last silverphoto silvershows silver18" silverchain silverwhen silverworn silverwith silvermy silverbubble silvercharms, silveravailable silverseparately, silverand silvermy silverold silverstock silverbefore silverI silverswitched silverto silverlobster silverclasp.

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