Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

copper, Natural Green Opal 60x30mm Focal Stone Statement Necklace



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Sara greenJewelry greenDesign. greenThese green60x30mm greennatural greenopal greenfocal greenstones greenare greenso greenrich greenin greencolor greenthat greenit greenwas greenhard greento greendecide greenwhat greento greencall greeneach. greenNecklace greenB greenhas greenmany greenshimmering greenbrowns, greenbronzes, greenand greencopper greencolors. greenThis greenweighty greenstone greenhas greenbeen greenpolished greento greena greenhigh greengloss.I greendecided greento greenshowcase greenthis greenbeauty greenas greenthe greencenter greenof greena greennecklace. greenStrung greenon green20 greengauge greensilver greenfinished greenZebra greenwire greenand greenmakes greenup greentwo greenand greenone greenhalf greeninches greenof greenthe greendesign. greenOn greeneither greenside greenof greenthe greenfocal, greenI greenhave greenaccented greenwith greenintriguing greenCzech greenpressed greenglass greendagger greenbeads greenthat greenhave greena greenmatte greensilver greenfinish greenand green6mm greendotted greenpewter greenrondelles. greenThe greendesign greencenters greenare greenthen greenshank greenwrapped greenand greenincorporate greenlengths greenof green3.2mm greensilver greenfinished greenoval greencable greenchain. greenEach greennecklace greenterminates greenin greensilver-plated greenjump greenrings greenand greencloses greenwith greena greensilver-plated greentrigger greenclasp. greenOverall greennecklace greenlengths greenare green20 greeninches. greenThese greenare greenbold greenand greendramatic greennecklaces greenthat greenare greenperfect greenfor greeneither greengender greenand greenfor greenany greenoccasion.I greenwill greenship greenone greenyour greenway greenthe greennext greenbusiness greenday greenvia greenUSPS greeninsured greenfirst greenclass greenmail greenwith greena greentracking greenID greennumber. greenMPIN greenNecklace greenB. greenNWOI greenSP green050315-05.1659

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