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Set spacerof spacertiny spacerspacer spacerbeads spacerin spacerearthy spacercolors, spacerwound spaceron spacer1/16th spacerinch spacer(1.5mm) spacermandrels, spacerthe spacernature spacerof spacerthis spacerglass spaceris spacerto spacerbloom spacerin spacerbeautiful spacercolors, spacerso spacerplease spacernote spacerthey spacercould spacerbe spacerany spacerof spacerthe spacercolors spacershown spacerplus spacermore, spacerdo spacernot spacerbuy spacerif spaceryou spacerwill spacerbe spacerpicky spacerand spacerneed spacera spacercertain spacercolor, spacerthis spacerisn't spacera spacerpredictable spacerglass.~*~Made spacerto spacerorder, spacerbeads spacerwill spacerbe spacervery spacersimilarChoose spaceretched spaceror spacerglossy.~Sizes spacer:12 spacerbeads spacerat spacer5mm spacerX spacer8mm spaceron spacer1/16th spacerinch spacer(1.5mm) spacermandrelsSee spacermy spacerlisting spacerof spacerall spacertiny spacerspacers spacerherehttps://www./listing/475628822/tiny-spacers-handmade-glass-lampworkNeed spacermore? spacerNeed spacera spacerdifferent spacershape, spacernew spacercolors? spacerConvo spacerme!All spacerbeads spacerare spacermade spacerby spacermyself spacerfrom spacerflame spacerto spacerkiln, spacerthen spacerdigitally spacerannealed spacerand spacerthoroughly spacercleaned spacerand spacerinspected. spacerI spacerstand spacerby spacerthe spacerSRA spacerguidelines. spacerI spacerdo spacermy spacerbest spacerto spacershow spacerbeads spacerhow spacerthey spacerare, spaceras spacerbest spacerthat spacercan spacerbe spacerdone spacerwith spacerphotos. spacerAny spacerquestions spacerat spacerall spacerlet spacerme spacerknow spacer;)

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