Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

carved, Carved Brass Medallion Necklace



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This circleunique circleand circletextural circlecarved circlemedallion circleis circlereversible circleto circleanother circlecarved circlepattern. circleIt circleis circlereminiscent circleof circlea circlemandala. circleThe circlemeaning circleof circlemandala circleis circleSanskrit circlefor circle"circle." circleA circlemandala circlehas circlea circleconcentric circlestructure, circleoffering circlebalancing circlevisual circleelements. circleThe circlepurpose circleof circlea circlemandala circleis circleto circleserve circleas circlea circletool circleto circlehelp circleharmonize circleand circlebring circleabout circleunity, circleto circleabsorb circlethe circlemind circleso circlethat circlethe circlechatter circlestills circleand circlehigher circleconsciousness circlecan circlebe circlereached. circleMade circleof circlebrass circleon circlean circleoxidized, circleadjustable circle16-18" circlebrass circlechain.

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