Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Minimalist Earringssterling silver, papyrus texture imprinted onto sterling silversterling silver, everyday earringssterling silver, coworker gift by Kathryn Riechert



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These silverminimalist silverearrings silverare silvermade silverfrom silversolid silversterling silversilver silverand silverare silverimprinted silverwith silvertexture silverfrom silverpapyrus silverpaper. silver silverThe silvertexture silveradds silvera silverbit silverof silversubtle silverinterest silverand silvercatches silverlight silverfrom silverdifferent silverangles. silver silverI silverhave silverhammered silverthe silveredges silverto silvercompliment silverthe silverpapyrus silvertexture. silver silverSilver silverearrings silverare silvereasy silverto silverfit silverinto silverany silverwardrobe, silverand silverthese silvercan silverbe silverworn silvereveryday silverwith silvera silvercasual silverpair silverof silverjeans silveror silverwith silvera silverdressier silveroutfit silverin silverthe silveroffice silveror silverout silveron silvera silverdate silver:) silverThe silvermetal silverstrips silverare silver1" silverin silverlength.Send silverme silveran silveretsy silverconvo silveror silveremail silverwith silverany silverand silverall silverquestions.Thank silveryou!Coworker silverGift silverGuide

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