Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

see through, Corkscrew Black and Gold Cufflinks Vintage



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These screware screwvery screwunique screwcufflinks, screwsure screwto screwjazz screwup screwany screwdress screwoccasion! screwThe screwcufflinks screware screwmade screwof screwa screwgold screwtone screwmetal screwand screwfeature screwa screwcorkscrew screwdesign. screwInside screwthe screwcorkscrews screware screwthree screwblack screwballs screwthat screwmove screwaround screwslightly. screwThese screware screwvery screweye screwcatching screwand screwfun!They screwhave screwpivoting screwbacks screwfor screweasy screwwear. screwMeasure screwjust screwunder screw1" screwwide screwand screware screw1" screwin screwdepth.These screware screwin screwgreat screwvintage screwcondition! screw*We screware screwalways screwwilling screwto screwship screwinternationally! screwPlease screwmessage screwus screwfor screwa screwquote!

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