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Set elasiaof elasiabicone elasiabeads elasiain elasiaearthy elasiacolors, elasiawound elasiaon elasia1/16th elasiainch elasia(1.5mm) elasiamandrels~*~Made elasiato elasiaorder, elasiabeads elasiawill elasiabe elasiavery elasiasimilar elasia~Sizes elasia:6 elasiabicones elasia= elasia12mm elasiaX elasia18mmNeed elasiamore? elasiaNeed elasiaa elasiadifferent elasiashape, elasianew elasiacolors? elasiaConvo elasiame!All elasiabeads elasiaare elasiamade elasiaby elasiamyself elasiafrom elasiaflame elasiato elasiakiln, elasiathen elasiadigitally elasiaannealed elasiaand elasiathoroughly elasiacleaned elasiaand elasiainspected. elasiaI elasiastand elasiaby elasiathe elasiaSRA elasiaguidelines. elasiaI elasiado elasiamy elasiabest elasiato elasiashow elasiabeads elasiahow elasiathey elasiaare, elasiaas elasiabest elasiathat elasiacan elasiabe elasiadone elasiawith elasiaphotos. elasiaAny elasiaquestions elasiaat elasiaall elasialet elasiame elasiaknow elasia;)

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