Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

beads, Handmake European Charm Bead - Lampwork - Fits TB Only - Leopard Spots



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Leopard beadsSpots beadsis beadsa beadsgreat beadsnew beadsbead beadsby beadsme! beads beadsI beadsintend beadsto beadsmake beadsmore beadssimilar beadsbeads, beadsbut beadsbecause beadsof beadsthe beadschemical beadsreaction beadswithin beadsthe beadsglass, beadsI beadscannot beadsmake beadsan beadsexact beadsduplicate.So, beadsif beadsyou beadslike beadsit, beadsyou beadsbest beadspurchase beadsit beadsnow!This beadsis beadsthe beadsexact beadsbead beadsyou beadswill beadsreceive.This beadsbead beadsall beadsmeasures beads15.20 beadsmm beadsin beadsdiameter beadsand beadsis beads8.33 beadsmm beadswide. beadsAll beadsthe beadsbeads beadsare beadslined beadswith beads.999 beadsfine beadssilver beadstubing beadsby beadsme.Bracelet beadsshown beadsnot beadsincluded. beads beadsIt beadsis beadsactual beadsTroll beadsBracelet.FITS beadsTROLL beadsONLY beads**** beadsFITS beadsTROLL beadsONLY beads***** beadsFITS beadsTROLL beadsONLYAll beadsof beadsmy beadslampwork beadsglass beadsbeads beadsare beadsindividually beadshandmade beadsusing beadsEffetre, beadsVetrofond, beadsor beadsLauscha, beadsReichenbach, beadsDouble beadsHelix beadsglass beadsrods. beadsThey beadsare beadsannealed beadsin beadsa beadsdigitally beadscontrolled beadskiln beadsfor beadseverlasting beadsstrength beadsand beadsdurability.***This beadsfits beadsTrollbeads beadsonly.***Thank beadsyou,Ellen07-42

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