Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jewelry finding, Jewelry Making Supplies- Bezel Settings- Cabochon Setting- Silver Tone- 18 mm - Set of 2



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Pendant blanksor blanksnecklace blanksblank blanksbezel blankssetting blankssilver blanksplated blanksbrass blanksPerfect blanksfor blanksuse blankswith blanksButtons, blanksResin, blanksPolymer blanksClay blanksor blanksCabochons. blanks blanksThe blankslast blanksphoto blanksshows blanksan blanksexample blanksof blankshow blanksa blanksglass blanksbutton blankslooks blanksset blanksinto blanksthe blanksbezel. blanks blanksSize: blanks18mmqty: blanks2See blanksmore blanksin blanksmy blanksshop- blanksstonesandpaper.

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