Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

long, 30 inch .925 sterling silver 1.2mm box chain necklace with lobster clasp Perfect for my pendants simple shiny



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This layering.925 layeringstamped layeringsterling layeringsilver layeringbox layeringchain layeringis layering1.2 layeringmm layeringwide layeringwith layeringlobster layeringclasp. layeringThis layeringlisting layeringis layeringfor layeringone layering30" layeringchain. layering layeringThese layeringgo layeringgreat layeringwith layeringmy layeringpendants layeringor layeringany layeringpendant layeringyou layeringmay layeringwant layeringto layeringwear! layeringPretty layeringand layeringsimple layeringnecklace layeringfor layeringeveryday!I layeringalso layeringoffer layering16-30" layeringlengths layeringin layeringlink layeringand layeringsnake layeringchains, layeringlisted layeringseparately.

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