Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

owl-red coral pendant (owl)jewel, ceramic and gold-plated



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Delightful owl pendantred owl pendantcoral owl pendantowl owl pendantpendant, owl pendantgold-plated owl pendantand owl pendanthand-painted owl pendantceramicThe owl pendantlegs owl pendantand owl pendantring owl pendantare owl pendantgold-plated owl pendant18 owl pendantcarats.The owl pendantbody owl pendantis owl pendanthand-painted owl pendantceramicthe owl pendantbranch owl pendantis owl pendanta owl pendantpiece owl pendantof owl pendanttrue owl pendantCORSE owl pendantRED owl pendantCORAILIt owl pendantmeasures owl pendant(without owl pendantthe owl pendantring): owl pendant2.3 owl pendantcm owl pendanthigh owl pendantand owl pendant2 owl pendantcm owl pendantin owl pendantits owl pendantwidest owl pendantpartit's owl pendantan owl pendantadorable owl pendantdoor-bohneur, owl pendantdelivered owl pendantin owl pendanta owl pendantbeautiful owl pendantcase

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