Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

tag, Custom Hand Stamped Sterling Silver Bar Necklace



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This smallunique smallnecklace smallfeatures smalla smallsterling smallsilver smallpendant smallhandstamped smallwith smallthe smallword smallof smallyour smallchoice. smallThe smallhammered smallsterling smallpendant smallis smallsurrounded smallby smalla smalldelicate smallsolid smallsterling smallsilver smallchain.PLEASE smallSPECIFY smallIN smallYOUR smallNOTE smallTO smallSELLER smallWHAT smallWORD smallYOU smallWOULD smallLIKE smallSTAMPED smallON smallYOUR smallPENDANT. smallSimple smalland smallbeautiful smallnecklace.A smallwonderful, smalleye-catching smallnecklace. smallA smalldefinite smallconversation smallpiece!**Please smallnote small- smallThis smallnecklace smallis smallmeant smallto smallbe small"imperfect". smallStamping smallis smalldone smallby smallhand, smallone smallletter smallat smalla smalltime, smallso smallthere smallmay smallbe smallslight smalldifferences smallin smallletter smallplacement smalland smallspacing. smallThis smallis smallwhat smallgives smallcharacter smalland smalluniqueness smallto smalleach smallcreation.**Necklace smallwill smallarrive smallto smallyou smallall smallready smallfor smallgift smallgiving! small(see smalllast smallphoto) smallMade smallwith smalllove smalland smallprayers.

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