Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

18 inch, 24 inch silver pelline ball chain necklace for my pendants or can be cut to any length you wish lightweight shiny 2mm



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This cccoe teamsilver cccoe teamtone cccoe teamsteel cccoe teamball cccoe teamchain cccoe teamis cccoe teamthe cccoe team2.4mm cccoe teamshot cccoe teamstyle cccoe teamchain, cccoe teamwith cccoe teamconnector cccoe teamattached. cccoe teamI cccoe teamcan cccoe teammake cccoe teamthese cccoe teamany cccoe teamlength cccoe teamthat cccoe teamyou cccoe teamneed cccoe teamup cccoe teamto cccoe team24", cccoe teamjust cccoe teamemail cccoe teamme cccoe teamfor cccoe teamthe cccoe teamcustom cccoe teamlength...otherwise cccoe teamit cccoe teamwill cccoe teambe cccoe teamshipped cccoe teamat cccoe team24" cccoe teamand cccoe teamyou cccoe teamcan cccoe teamcut cccoe teamit cccoe teamif cccoe teamneeded. cccoe teamThese cccoe teamgo cccoe teamgreat cccoe teamwith cccoe teammy cccoe teampendants! cccoe teamNice cccoe teamsimple cccoe teamnecklace cccoe teamto cccoe teamadd cccoe teamany cccoe teamcharm cccoe teamor cccoe teampendant cccoe teamto!Last cccoe teamphoto cccoe teamshows cccoe teamhow cccoe teamit cccoe teamlooks cccoe teamworn cccoe teamas cccoe teammy cccoe teamwish cccoe teamnecklace, cccoe teamavailable cccoe teamseparately cccoe team:)

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