Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Vintage c1940's Jens Anderson Sterling Seahorse Tie Barsterling, Denmark Mid Century Modernist



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Rare, mid centuryMid mid centuryCentury, mid centuryDenmark mid centuryModernist mid centuryJens mid centuryAndersen mid centurysterling mid centurytie mid centurybar mid centurywith mid centurySeahorse mid centuryJust mid centuryshy mid centuryof mid century3 mid centuryinches mid centurylong mid centuryand mid centuryin mid centuryvintage, mid centuryuntouched mid centurypatinaClearly mid centurysigned mid centuryby mid centurythe mid centurysilversmith. mid centuryThis mid centurypiece mid centurydates mid centuryto mid centuryaround mid century1947The mid centuryseahorse mid centuryis mid century5/8" mid centurytall mid centuryand mid centurythe mid centurybar mid centuryis mid century1/4" mid centurywideWeight mid centuryis mid century12.3 mid centurygrams

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