Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ocean, Starfish Adjustable Anklet - Sterling Silver



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Anklet boatingfeatures boatinga boatingsilver boatingstarfish boatinghanging boatingfrom boatinga boatingdouble boatingchain. boatingAnklet boatingis boatingmade boatingof boatingtwo boatingstrands boatingof boating1.5mm boatingchain boatingand boatingis boatingadjustable boatingat boatingeither boating9" boatingor boating10". boating boatingYou boatingcan boatingadd boatingsix boatingblue boatingglass boatingbeads boatingfor boatinga boatingpop boatingof boatingcolor. boating boatingThere boatingis boatinga boatingdouble boatingsilver boatingbead boatingadornment boatingat boatingthe boatingend boatingof boatingthe boatingchain boatingfor boatinga boatingnice, boatingfinished boatinglook. boatingAll boatingsilver boatingis boating.925 boatingsterling.

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