Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, 4mm 5mm 6mm White Sapphire (Eternity) Pendant



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Three genuinebeautiful genuineand genuinegenuine genuineWhite genuineSapphires.All genuinesapphires genuineare genuinewith genuinea genuineColor genuineof genuineD genuine genuineand genuineClarity genuineof genuineVVS/IFAll genuineWhite genuineSapphires genuineare genuinefrom genuineSri genuineLanka.Sizes genuineare genuine4mm, genuine5mm genuineand genuine6mm.So genuinevery genuinediamond genuinelike genuineand genuineat genuinea genuinefraction genuineof genuinethe genuinecost.They genuineall genuinehave genuinebeautiful genuinesparkle.Set genuinein genuinea genuinesterling genuinesilver genuinesetting genuinemakes genuinethese genuinesapphires genuineaffordable.Layaway genuineavailable.Can genuinebe genuinereset genuinein genuine14k genuinesolid genuineyellow, genuinewhite genuineor genuinerose genuinegold genuineat genuinethe genuinemarket genuineprice.

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