Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

beach, ABALONE Collectable BOLA Tie NECKLACE



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Natural womengem womenof womenRed womenAbalone womenshell.We womenput womenit womenon womena womenmetallic womenbraided womenbola womencord womenthat womenis women36 womeninches womenlong womenwith womensilver womenbrass womentips. women(91.44 womencm womenlong) womenThe womenshell womenis womentotally womennatural--no womencolor womenenhancement. womenWe womenmade womenthis womenbola womentie womennecklace womenand womenuse womenthe womenshell womenas womenwe womenfound womenit. womenAs womenwith womenall womenof womenour womenabalone womenshell, womenthe womencolor womenis womentotally womennatural.Abalone womenshell womenmeasures women2 womeninches womenwide womenx women2 women1/4 womeninches womenhigh.( women5 womencm womenwide womenx women5.72 womencm womenhigh womenx women.3 womencm womenthick)The womenshell womenslides womenvery womeneasily womenalong womenthe womencord womenso womenyou womencan womenwear womenit womena womennumber womenof womendifferent womenlengths. womenThe womenfinding womenon womenthe womenback womenof womenthe womenshell womenis womenvery womeneasy womento womenadjust--just womenpush womenit womendown womenand womenslide womento womenthe womenlength womendesired. womenIt womenis womenshown womenin womenthe womenlast womenphoto.

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