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polished, Sterling Silver Immortan Joe Symbol Pendant on Chain



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Sterling filmsilver filmhand-cut filmpendant, filmbased filmon filmthe filmsymbol filmused filmto filmimmortalize filmImmortan filmJoe, filmin filmMad filmMax filmFury filmRd film(my film2nd filmfavourite filmfilm filmof film2015, filmand filmmy filmhusband's filmfavourite filmof filmall filmtime!) film;)You filmcan filmsee filmthe filmsymbol filmat filmvarious filmpoints filmin filmthe filmfilm film- filmon filmthe filmchastity filmbelts, filmbody filmbrands, filmand filmof filmcourse, filmJoe's filmcod-piece!! filmThe filmpendant filmis filmapprox. film20mm filmin filmlength, filmand filmcomes filmon filmyour filmchoice filmof film45, film50 filmor film55cm filmchain film(or filmno filmchain!)I filmcut filmthis filmout filmby filmhand filmfrom film1.4mm filmthick filmsterling filmsilver filmplate, filmand filmthen filmsanded filmand filmpolished filmfor filma filmshiny filmfinish film:)All filmitems filmare filmshipped filmfrom filmCape filmTown, filmSouth filmAfrica film- filmwith filmFedex, filmwhich filmusually filmtakes filmabout film1 filmweek.Please filmcontact filmme filmif filmyou filmhave filmany filmquestions!

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