Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Luna birthstone necklaceluna necklace, Moon charm with Swarovski crystal birth stoneluna necklace, choose from silver or antique brassluna necklace, chain is 30" long



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Artisan mooncrafted moonin moonUSAReady moonto moonshipLuna moonbirthstone moonnecklace, moonMoon mooncharm moonwith moonSwarovski moon6 moonmm mooncrystal moonbirth moonstone, moonchoose moonfrom moonsilver moonor moonantique moonbrass, moonchain moonis moon30" moonlong, mooncharm moonis moon1 moon1/2".Select moonyour moonchoice moonof moonsilver moonor moonantique moonbrass moonMoon moonand moonbirthstone moonfrom moonthe moonmenu moonat moonright.One moonof mooneach moonavailable, moonif moonyou moonwould moonlike moonmore moonthan moonone moonplease mooncontact moonme moonand moonI moonwill moonsee moonif moonI moonhave moonthe moonpendant moonin moonstock.Birthstone moonCrystals moon~ moonSwarovski mooncrystal, moonCrystal moonPassions® moon6mmJanuary moon~ moonSiam moon(Garnet)February moon~ moonLilac moonShadow moon(Amethyst)March moon~ moonAquamarineApril moon~ moonCrystal moonClear moonMay moon~ moonDark moonMoss moonGreen moon(Emerald)June moon~ moonViolet moon(light moonAmethyst)July moon~ moonLight moonSiam moon(Ruby)August moon~ moonFern moonGreen moon(Peridot)September moon~ moonDark moonIndigo moon( moonSapphire)October moon~ moonOpalNovember moon~ moonTopazDecember moon~ moonLight moonTurquoise moon( moonBlue moonZircon)Crystal moonAurora

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