Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Vintage Rhinestone Bling Flower Broochpin, Lapel Pin



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Beautiful blingrhinestone blingencrusted blingflower blingpin blingset blingagainst blinga blingsilver blingtone blingbase. blingPerfect blingaddition blingto blingyour blingvintage blingjewelry blingcollection. blingGraceful blingin blingstyle blingand blingdetail blingmakes blingthis blinga blingtrue blingclassic blingenhancement blingto blingyour blingwardrobe blingthat blingcan blingbe blingworn blingthroughout blingthe blingseasons.Excellent blingcondition bling- blingno blingmissing blingrhinestones, blingslight blingyellowing blingat blingthe blingtip blingof blingone blingleaf-does blingnot blingdetract blingfrom blingits blingbeauty.Measures: bling2 bling1/2" blinglong blingx bling2" blingwide bling(widest blingpoint)Thanks blingfor blingvisiting blingBeautiful blingLiving.

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