Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

water, Sterling Silver Seashell Pendant with chain



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Seashell silverPendant silverby silverLisa silverWigger silverof silverLeeLoo silverStudioThis silverseashell silverpendant silveris silvercast silverfrom silversterling silversilver. silver silverThe silveroriginal silvermodel silverwas silvermade silverby silverme silverwith silvera silverreal silverseashell, silverand silveris silvermade silverusing silverthe silverlost silverwax silvercasting silverprocess. silver silverThis silverpiece silverhas silvera silvernice silverorganic silverfeel silverand silveris silverone silverof silvermy silverfavorite silvernecklaces. silverEach silverpendant silveris silversigned silveron silverthe silverback silverwith silvermy silverinitials.This silverpendant silveris silversuspended silverfrom silvera silver16" silversterling silversilver silversnake silverchain. silver silverThe silverpendant silveralone silveris silverapproximately silver1.5 silverinches. silver silverThis silverpendant silvercan silveralso silverbe silverpurchased silverwith silvera silverdifferent silverchain silverin silverdifferent silverlengths.The silverlast silverpicture silvershows silverthe silverunfinished silverpendants silverright silverafter silverI silvercast silverthem. silver silverAll silverof silverthe silverpendants silverare silversterling silversilver, silverexcept silverfor silverthe silvermiddle silverone, silverwhich silveris silver14K silvergold. silver silverJust silvera silverlittle silverpeek silverinto silverthe silvermaking silverprocess!

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