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twisted wire, Mixed Metal Cuff Bracelet -Sterling Silver and Copper Wire



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Created mixed metalsfrom mixed metalsa mixed metalstwisted mixed metalsrope mixed metalsof mixed metalssterling mixed metalssilver mixed metalsand mixed metalscopper mixed metalswire mixed metalsthat mixed metalswas mixed metalssoldered mixed metalstogether, mixed metalsthis mixed metalscuff mixed metalsstyle mixed metalsbracelet mixed metalsshows mixed metalshow mixed metalswell mixed metalscopper mixed metalsand mixed metalssilver mixed metalscomplement mixed metalseach mixed metalsother. mixed metalsThe mixed metalsbracelet mixed metalshas mixed metalsa mixed metals5.5 mixed metalsinches mixed metals(13.5cm)inside mixed metalsdistance mixed metalsfrom mixed metalsend mixed metalsto mixed metalsend, mixed metalsand mixed metalsa mixed metalsthickness mixed metalsof mixed metals0.25 mixed metalsinch mixed metals(5mm).

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