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Gathermoss, Rectangle Moss Ring



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As mossyfeatured mossyon mossy"You mossyGrow mossyGirl" mossyBetter mossyHomes mossyand mossyGardens mossyis mossythe mossysecond mossyin mossymy mossyline mossyof mossy\u2018Living mossyJewelry.\u2019A mossylittle mossyclump mossyof mossyfaux mossymoss mossyhas mossybeen mossyplanted mossyatop mossythis mossyring.Easy mossyto mossycare mossyfor mossyas mossythis mossymoss mossyhas mossyno mossyneed mossyfor mossysunlight mossyor mossywater!Specifications:A mossyhand-cut mossypiece mossyof mossyfaux mossymoss mossymade mossyof mossylatex mossysprouts mossybacked mossywith mossyfoam mossyhas mossybeen mossy"planted" mossyinto mossythe mossybezel mossysetting mossyof mossythis mossysilver mossyplated mossyring.The mossyring mossyis mossyalso mossypictured mossyalongside mossythe mossyGather mossyCircle mossyRing mossywhich mossyis mossyalso mossyavailable mossyin mossymy mossyshop. mossyThis mossylisting mossyis mossyfor mossyone mossyRectangle mossyRing. mossyColor mossyof mossymoss mossyvaries mossyand mossymay mossyappear mossylighter mossyor mossydarker mossygreen mossythan mossypictured.The mossyring mossyitself mossyis mossyapproximately mossy15mm mossywide mossyby mossy28mm mossylong mossyand mossyfeatures mossya mossywide mossyband mossyof mossy.25 mossyin. mossyDefinitely mossynot mossyyour mossytypical mossyadjustable mossyring; mossythe mossysturdiness mossymakes mossyit mossyfeel mossylike mossya mossystandard mossyring mossywith mossythe mossyadded mossybonus mossyof mossybeing mossyable mossyto mossycustomize mossyit mossyto mossya mossysnug mossyfit.Payment mossyOptions: mossyPaypal mossyor mossyMoney mossyOrderPlease mossysee mossymy mossyShop mossyPolicies mossyfor mossymore mossyinformation mossyon mossyshipping, mossypayment mossyand mossyexchanges. mossyhttp://www./shop_policy.php?user_id=15330Visit mossymy mossyprofile mossyfor mossymore mossyinformation mossyabout mossymy mossyshop mossylike mossyretail mossylocations mossyto mossyfind mossyAdorn mossyJewelry. mossyhttp://www./profile.php?user_id=15330

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