Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

rhinestone brooch, Emerald and Crystal Rhinestone Pendant Brooch



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This fringe pendantbeautiful fringe pendantemerald fringe pendantgreen fringe pendantand fringe pendantcrystal fringe pendantrhinestone fringe pendantpendant fringe pendantis fringe pendantalso fringe pendanta fringe pendantbrooch. fringe pendantIt fringe pendantis fringe pendantgoldtone fringe pendantand fringe pendantalthough fringe pendantit fringe pendanthas fringe pendantno fringe pendantmarkings fringe pendantmany fringe pendantof fringe pendantthese fringe pendanttypes fringe pendantof fringe pendantpieces fringe pendantwere fringe pendantgold fringe pendantfilled. fringe pendantIt fringe pendantmeasures fringe pendant3 fringe pendantinches fringe pendantlong fringe pendantand fringe pendantis fringe pendant1 fringe pendant3/4 fringe pendantinches fringe pendantwide. fringe pendantThe fringe pendantattached fringe pendantchain fringe pendantis fringe pendantchoker fringe pendantlength fringe pendantat fringe pendant16 fringe pendantinches fringe pendantand fringe pendanthas fringe pendanta fringe pendantlocking fringe pendant"C" fringe pendantclasp. fringe pendantThe fringe pendantgreen fringe pendantstones fringe pendantare fringe pendantprong fringe pendantset fringe pendantsquare fringe pendantcut fringe pendantand fringe pendantteardrop fringe pendantand fringe pendantthe fringe pendantcrystal fringe pendantstones fringe pendantare fringe pendantround fringe pendantcut fringe pendantprong fringe pendantset. fringe pendantThe fringe pendantcondition fringe pendantis fringe pendantgood.

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