Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

fold over clasp, Dyed Fuchsia Agate Slice Pendant Necklace



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Sara sliceJewelry sliceDesign. sliceHere's slicea slicea slicebold sliceagate sliceslice slicethat slicehas slicebeen slicedyed slicea slicehot slicefuchsia. sliceI slicetopped sliceit slicewith slicea slicesimple sliceshield slicedesign slicegold-plated slicepinch slicebail. sliceI slicehave slicecrafted slicean slice18-inch slicegold-plated slicecurb slicechain sliceto slicego slicewith slicethe slicependant. sliceThe slicechain slicenecklace sliceterminates slicein slicea slicegold-plated slicefold-over sliceclasp. sliceRemember, sliceif sliceyou sliceshould slicewant slicea slicedifferent slicelength slicechain, slicejust slicechoose sliceyour slicefavorite slicelength slicefrom slicethe slicedrop slicedown slicemenu.My sliceMPIN sliceNWP sliceGP slice081116-05.587Sara sliceJewelry sliceDesign. sliceYour sliceDesire sliceis sliceOur sliceDesign.

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