Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

2016 world series, World Series Charm Keeper



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Custom cubsCharm cubsKeeper cubsfor cubsthe cubs2016 cubsWorld cubsSeries cubsChicago cubsCubs! cubs cubsThis cubsis cubsa cubslimited cubsedition cubsnecklace cubsthat cubswas cubshand cubspicked cubsfor cubsCubs cubsfans! cubs cubsYou cubswill cubsreceive cubsall cubs4 cubscharms cubson cubsthe cubs30 cubsinch cubsnecklace cubsas cubsshown. cubsThe cubsprice cubsis cubsin cubshonor cubsof cubsthe cubs4-3 cubsseries cubswin cubsand cubswill cubsonly cubslast cubsa cubsshort cubstime! cubsCongratulations cubsCubs cubsFans!

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