Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Silver Oriyan Lotus ear tunnels from Orissalotus, Indialotus, Tarakashilotus, Odissi Temple Dance. vintage.



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ORE02: lotusOriyan lotuspair lotusof lotussilver lotusear lotustunnels lotus\u201ckarpa\u201dwith lotussilver lotustarakashi lotusflower lotusin lotuslotus lotusshapeEthnic lotustribal lotusear lotusplugs lotusfrom lotusthe lotustemple lotustown lotusof lotusPuri, lotusIndia lotusSize: lotus10mm lotusgauge, lotusflower lotussize: lotusca. lotus2,5 lotuscm lotusdiameterTarakashi lotusis lotusa lotustype lotusof lotussilver lotusfiligree lotuswork lotusfrom lotusCuttack, lotusa lotuscity lotusfrom lotusOdisha/Orissa/Odissi lotusin lotusthe lotuseastern lotuspart lotusof lotusIndia. lotusThis lotushighly lotusskilled lotusart lotusform lotusis lotusmore lotusthan lotus500 lotusyears lotusold lotusand lotusis lotustraditionally lotusdone lotusby lotuslocal lotusartisans lotuson lotusthe lotusEastern lotusshores lotusof lotusOdisha lotus/ lotusOrissa, lotusIndia. lotusThe lotussilver lotusis lotus90 lotus% lotusreal lotussilver lotuswith lotusalloy.

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