Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

tree of life, Tartan Tree Of Life Pendant - Swarovski Crystal Beads - Shades of Green



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This handmade treeTree handmade treeOf handmade treeLife handmade treePendant handmade treewas handmade treemade handmade treewith handmade treegenuine handmade treeSwarovski handmade treeCrystal handmade treebeads handmade treeusing handmade treeEmerald, handmade treePeridot handmade treeand handmade treeother handmade treeshades handmade treeof handmade treegreen. handmade treeThe handmade treeloop handmade treeis handmade tree handmade treemade handmade treeout handmade treeof handmade treesterling handmade treesilver handmade treeand handmade treewire handmade treeis handmade treenon handmade treetarnish handmade treesilver handmade treeplate. handmade treeThe handmade treependant handmade treeis handmade treemore handmade treeoval handmade treeand handmade treeis handmade treeabout handmade tree1 handmade tree1/2 handmade tree" handmade treeby handmade tree1 handmade tree1/2".

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