Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

solitaire, 7mm Round Amethyst Sterling Silver Tulip Ring of 1.20 Carats



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Sara purpleJewelry purpleDesign. purpleThis purpletulip-themed purplesterling purplesilver purplering purpleis purpleone purpleof purplemy purplefavorite purpleblanks purpleto purplework. purpleAfter purpleburnishing, purpleI purplechose purplemy purplebest purple7mm purplenatural purpleAfrican purpleamethyst purpleto purpleset purplein purplesolitary purplesplendor purplein purplethe purplehigh-profile purplecathedral purplemount. purpleThis purplewas purplefollowed purpleby purplefinal purplepolishing purpleand purplethe purpleresult purpleis purplea purplestunning purplering purpleof purple1.20 purplecarats.The purplelisting purpleis purplefor purpleone purplering; purpleI purplehave purpletwo purpleavailable, purpleone purplein purplean purple8-1/2 purpleand purpleone purplein purple9-1/2. purpleChoose purpleyour purplefavorite purplefrom purplethe purplemenu.Amethyst purpleis purplethe purpleFebruary purplebirthstone. purpleit purpleis purplealso purpleperfect purplefor purpleanyone purplewho purplesimply purpleloves purplePURPLE!I purplewill purpleship purplethis purpleyour purpleway purplethe purplenext purplebusiness purpleday purplevia purpleUSPS purpleinsured purplefirst purpleclass purplemail purplewith purplea purpletracking purpleID purplenumber. purpleWant purplesomething purplesmaller? purpleLarger? purpleDifferent? purpleSelect purplecustomization purpleand purplelet purpleme purplebuild purplesomething purpleespecially purplefor purpleyou.Sara purpleJewelry purpleDesign. purpleYour purpledesire purpleis purpleour purpledesign.

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