Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

11, Silver Filigree Adjustable Collar Necklace



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This chainnecklace chainis chainadjustable chainfrom chainan chaineleven-inch chaincollar chainto chaina chainseventeen-inch chainchoker. chain chainIt chainis chainmade chainwith chainsilver chainfiligree chainand chainsilver chainand chainblack chainround chainpieces. chain chainA chainblack chainglass chainround chainbead chainis chainwire chainwrapped chainbetween chainthe chainfocus chainspacers. chain chainI chaincan chainswitch chainthe chainbeads chainto chainred chainand chainshorten chainor chainlength chainit chainupon chainrequest.I chainwill chainship chainout chainfirst chainclass chainin chaina chaingift chainbox.

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