Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

modern, Fleur Garland Simple Brass Hoop Necklace



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Black gold patinaFriday gold patinathrough gold patinaCyber gold patinaMonday gold patinaSale! gold patinaUse gold patinacode gold patinaBFCM11 gold patinaat gold patinacheckout gold patinafor gold patina30% gold patinaoff gold patinayour gold patinaentire gold patinaorder gold patinaand gold patinafree gold patinashipping gold patina\u2014 gold patinagood gold patinathrough gold patina11/28/11!Necklace gold patinacomprised gold patinaof gold patinaa gold patinasimple gold patinabrass gold patinacircle gold patinaflower gold patinagarland gold patinahoop gold patinathat gold patinahangs gold patinafrom gold patinaa gold patinaskinny gold patinagold gold patinaplated gold patinachain gold patinaand gold patinawire gold patinaclasp. gold patinaNecklace gold patinawas gold patinadesigned gold patinaand gold patinaassembled gold patinaby gold patinaMary gold patinaAndrews, gold patinaa gold patinajewelry gold patinadesigner gold patinaand gold patinaArtist gold patinadwelling gold patinain gold patinaBrooklyn, gold patinaNY. gold patina gold patina\r\r* gold patinaNecklace gold patinachain gold patinameasures gold patina24 gold patinainches gold patinain gold patinalength.\r* gold patinaBrass gold patinahoop gold patinameasures gold patinajust gold patinaover gold patina1 gold patina1/2 gold patinainches gold patinaround.\r* gold patinaNecklace gold patinais gold patinasimple, gold patinaclassic, gold patinaand gold patinawould gold patinamake gold patinathe gold patinaperfect gold patinagift gold patinafor gold patinabirthdays, gold patinaMother's gold patinaDay, gold patinawedding gold patinabridesmaids, gold patinaanniversaries, gold patinaand gold patinamore.\r\rSPECIAL gold patinaNOTES:\r--------------------------\r* gold patinaNeed gold patinamore gold patinathan gold patinaone? gold patinaContact gold patiname gold patinaif gold patinayou gold patinaare gold patinainterested gold patinain gold patinamultiples gold patinaof gold patinathis gold patinaor gold patinaany gold patinaitem gold patinalisted gold patinain gold patinathe gold patinashop.\r* gold patinaThanks gold patinaso gold patinamuch gold patinafor gold patinataking gold patinaa gold patinapeek gold patinaand gold patinaplease gold patinahave gold patinaa gold patinalook gold patinaaround gold patinathe gold patinarest gold patinaof gold patinathe gold patinashop: gold patinacontrary..

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