Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

semi precious stones, Delicate Beaded Choker (6 Colors)



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Please blackwrite blackin blackhow blackmany blackinches blackyou blackneed blackthe blackchoker blackto blackbe.Each blackchoker blackis blackmade blackto blackorder blackso blackexpect black5 blackbusiness blackdays blackof blackprocessing blackbefore blackyour blackchoker blackis blackshipped black:)Chokers blackPictured: blackBlack blackchoker blackis blackmade blackwith blackcrystals black& blackmetal blackclasps blackSilver blackchoker blackis blackmade blackwith blackglass blackbeads black& blacksterling blacksilver blackclaspGold blackchoker blackis blackmade blackwith blackcrystals black& blackmetal blackclaspsRed blackchoker blackis blackmade blackwith blacksemi-precious blackstones black& blacksterling blacksilver blackclaspWe blackalso blackoffer blackdifferent blackcolor blackbeads, blackso blackfeel blackfree blackto blackask black:) blackPrice blackvaries blackdepending blackon blacktype blackof blackmetal blackclasp blackand blacktype blackof blackbead black(semi-precious blackvs. blackglass blackor blackcrystal) blackEverything blackis blackcustomizable, blackso blackjust blackask!

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