Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

peyote, Black/White/Gold Pierced Elongated Peyote stitched Earrings



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Simple beadselegance. beadsVery beadsclassy beadscolor beadscombination. beads beadsElongated beadsoval beadswith beadspointed beadsends. beadsHalf beadsblack beadsand beadshalf beadswhite beadsseparated beadswith beadsbright beadsgold beadsbeads. beadsLength beadsalmost beads2" beadsfrom beadsbottom beadsto beadsend beadsof beadsjump beadsring, beads5/8" beadswide. beadsThey beadsfeel beadsinvisible beadsin beadsyour beadsears. beadsSuper beadslight beadsweight. beadsThey beadshave beadshypo-allergenic beadsear beadswires beadswith beadsa beadssmall beadsrubber beadsstopper.

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