Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jewelry, Tiny Initial Disc Necklace



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This disccharm discis dischand discstamped discwith discthe discletter discof discyour discchoice. disc discIncludes discone disc- discfive dischammered dischand discstamped discdiscs, disc7mm. disc discAvailable discin discgold discfilled, discsterling discsilver discor discrose discgold discfilled. disc discThis discnecklace discarrives discgift discwrapped discin disca disccute discpackage. discIf discyou discdo discnot discsee discan discoption discthat discfits discyou disc~ discplease disccontact discme discwith discany discquestions!This discitem discis discmade discto discorder. discPlease discallow discup discto discone discweek discfor discme discto discmake discyour discitems.Please discfeel discfree discto discconvo discme discif discyou dischave discany discquestions.Please discvisit discmy discshop discfor discmore discunique dischandmade discitems disclike discthis!Now discon discINSTAGRAM! discFollow discme discteressalanejewelry [email protected]://

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