Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

picture, Custom silver bezel resin keepsake memory charm bracelet personalized with your photos or this one mom jewelry gif love you to the moon back



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For customthose customwho customlove customcustomized customphoto customjewelry! customEach customof customthe custom1/2" customcircle custombezel customcharms customfeatures customa customdifferent customphoto customor customimage customof customyour customchoosing, customI customcan customalso customadd customspecial customsentiment customcharms customas customwell. customThe customimages customare customplaced customunder customa customclear customglassy customresin, customand customare customwaterproof. customThe customcharms customare customlinked customtogether customto customcreate customone customadorable custombracelet, customand customfinished customoff customwith customa customflip customtop customclasp customwhich customcan custombe customset customat customtwo customlengths. customI customcan customcreate customthese customwith customyour customphotos customor customthe custommoon customtheme customshown. customLength customis customapprox. custom7.75". customMakes customa customgreat customgift customfor customall! custom customLike customa customphoto customalbum customthat customyou customwear custom:)Email customyour customimages customto [email protected] customor customattach customthem customto customa customconvo customif customyou customwish customfor customthis customto customhave customyour customown customphotos. customI customwill customedit, customcrop customand customresize customfor customyou. custom customI customcan customalso custommake customthem customblack customand customwhite customor customsepia customif customyou customwish.

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