Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

minimalist jewelry, SIGNED Mid Century MODern Norwegian Bracelet / Vintage 1960's PEWTER Cuff Bracelet



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Made mcm jewelryin mcm jewelrythe mcm jewelry1960's, mcm jewelrythis mcm jewelryvintage mcm jewelrycuff mcm jewelrybracelet mcm jewelryhas mcm jewelryterrific mcm jewelryMod mcm jewelrystyling mcm jewelryby mcm jewelrya mcm jewelryNorwegian mcm jewelrysilversmith. mcm jewelryThe mcm jewelrypewter mcm jewelrymetal mcm jewelryis mcm jewelrysigned mcm jewelryby mcm jewelrythe mcm jewelrymid mcm jewelrycentury mcm jewelrymaster mcm jewelryartist mcm jewelryBr\u00f8drene mcm jewelryMylius mcm jewelryof mcm jewelryNorway mcm jewelrywith mcm jewelrya mcm jewelrypelican mcm jewelrycontaining mcm jewelryB mcm jewelryM mcm jewelryon mcm jewelryeither mcm jewelryside mcm jewelryand mcm jewelryregistrar mcm jewelrynumber mcm jewelry39003. mcm jewelryCirca mcm jewelry1960's. mcm jewelry mcm jewelry mcm jewelry mcm jewelry mcm jewelry mcm jewelry mcm jewelry mcm jewelry mcm jewelry mcm jewelry mcm jewelry mcm jewelryFeatures mcm jewelrya mcm jewelrybold, mcm jewelryminimal mcm jewelrydesign, mcm jewelrywith mcm jewelrybeautiful mcm jewelrydimension mcm jewelryand mcm jewelrydepth. mcm jewelryThere mcm jewelryis mcm jewelrya mcm jewelrytextured, mcm jewelrypatina mcm jewelryenhanced mcm jewelrybackground. mcm jewelryThis mcm jewelryvintage mcm jewelrybracelet mcm jewelryis mcm jewelryapproximately mcm jewelry6.5 mcm jewelryinches mcm jewelrylong, mcm jewelryand mcm jewelry1.25 mcm jewelryinches mcm jewelrywide mcm jewelryat mcm jewelrythe mcm jewelrycenter mcm jewelry(widest mcm jewelrypoint). mcm jewelryThe mcm jewelrypewter mcm jewelryis mcm jewelrythick mcm jewelryand mcm jewelrysturdy, mcm jewelrybut mcm jewelrystill mcm jewelrymalleable mcm jewelryenough mcm jewelryto mcm jewelrybend mcm jewelryto mcm jewelryfit mcm jewelrya mcm jewelrywide mcm jewelryrange mcm jewelryof mcm jewelrywrist mcm jewelrysizes. mcm jewelrySuitable mcm jewelryfor mcm jewelrya mcm jewelrymale mcm jewelryor mcm jewelryfemale. mcm jewelryCondition: mcm jewelryVERY mcm jewelryGOOD mcm jewelry- mcm jewelryit mcm jewelryshows mcm jewelrylight mcm jewelrywear mcm jewelryto mcm jewelrymetal. mcm jewelryThere mcm jewelryis mcm jewelryone mcm jewelrysmall mcm jewelryspot mcm jewelrywhere mcm jewelrythe mcm jewelrypatina mcm jewelryis mcm jewelrylighter.

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