Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

holiday, THAI Silver and PEARL EARRINGS - Hallmarked - Sterling Silver - Coin Pearls



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ESTATE flower petalsVINTAGE flower petals flower petalsSTERLING flower petalsTHAI flower petalsSILVER flower petalsEARRINGS flower petalsWITH flower petalsPEARL flower petalsDISK flower petalsDROPSGoddessandco flower petalsis flower petalspleased flower petalsto flower petalsoffer flower petalsfor flower petalssale flower petalsthese flower petalssweet flower petalsSterling flower petalsSilver flower petalsThai flower petalsFlower flower petalsand flower petalsFreshwater flower petalsand flower petalsPearl flower petalsDrop flower petalsEarrings flower petalswith flower petalssterling flower petalssilver flower petalspost flower petalsbacks. flower petalsThese flower petalsfresh flower petalsand flower petalslovely flower petalspearls flower petalshave flower petalsnatural flower petalsluster flower petalsand flower petalsenhance flower petalsthe flower petalspristine flower petalstextured flower petalsThai flower petalssilver flower petalsflowers. flower petalsThe flower petalspearls flower petalsand flower petalsthe flower petalssilver flower petalsnicely flower petalscontrast flower petalseach flower petalsother.Hallmarked flower petalsand flower petalspristine!SIZE: flower petals1 flower petalsand flower petals1/4 flower petalsinches flower petalslongMEASUREMENT: flower petalsFlowers flower petalsare flower petals12 flower petalsmm flower petalsin flower petalsdiameter, flower petalspearl flower petalsdisks flower petalsare flower petals15 flower petalsmm flower petalsin flower petalsdiameter. flower petalsWEIGHT:17.71 flower petalstotal flower petalsgram flower petalsweightA flower petalslovely flower petalsgift!

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