Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pink, Sarah Coventry Pendant



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"Pink tasselLady" tasselby tasselSarah tasselCoventryPink tasselcabochon tasselmeasures tassel1 tassel1/4" tasselx tassel3/4" tasselwith tassela tassel2" tasseltassel tasselthat tasselhangs tasselfrom tasselthe tasselcabochon tasselpendant, tasseladjustable tasselchain. tasselMeasures tassel27" tasselwith tasselextension. tasselThis tasselbrooch tasselcame tasselout tasselin tasselthe tasselearly tassel1970's. tasselThere tasselwere tasselother tasselpieces tasselproduced tasselwith tasselthe tasselchain tasseltassels tasselduring tasselthis tasselperiod.Marked tassel"Sarah tasselCov" tasselon tasselback tasseland tasselon tasselthe tasselgold tasseltone tasseltab tasselat tasselthe tasselend tasselof tasselthe tasselchain tasselas tasselwell tasselas tassel"SC" tasselon tasselreverse tasselside.Very tasselgood tasselcondition!Another tasseldonation tasselfrom tassela tasselchurch tasselmember. tasselHer tasselGrandma tasselloved tasselSarah tasselCoventry tasseljewelry!

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